Nasha Mukti Kendra In Dehradun

Jeevan Sankalp De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre in Dehradun is started to rehabilitate the alcoholics and addicts from their alcohol and drug using lifestyle to a healthy and sober lifestyle. Jeevan Sankalp Drug De-addiction Counselling and Rehabilitation centre has registered by Government approved under society act 1860 and ISO 9001-2015 approved.

We are working Since 2016 and saved many lives from addiction till date now.

Nasha mukti Kendra in Dehradun

Health Care Activities


Yoga & Meditation

Its physical self and various exercises for the mental peace of mind to stimulate the individual’s concentration.


12 Steps Psycological Treatment

Its for peace of mind and for the patients to feel free from their past.


Indoor & Outdoor Games

To recover physical self and various from the de-addiction suffered.

Our Facilities

We have all the facilities for addicts and alcoholics which are neccesary for them to recover from their addiction.

  • Nasha mukti Kendra in Dehradun
  • Nasha mukti Kendra in Dehradun
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Our Special Treatment

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Uttarakhand

Alcohol De-Addiction

Alcohol is one of the most popular psychoactive substances which has the power to take over your senses & mood.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Uttarakhand

Drug De-Addiction

The drug menace has crippled our nation and it continues to spread its lethal branches.

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Detoxification is a period of withdrawals in which medical treatment, usually including medicines and 24 hour supervision are needed.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Haridwar

Suicide Prevention

By psychological sessions and one to one sessions, the cause can be identified and prevented.

Nasha mukti Kendra in Dehradun

Twelve steps treatment

The 12 steps programe is an internatioral fellowship of who had a drinking or drug problem. It is non - professional self supporting multicultural program and available throughout the world. The programe is a tool to manage a person who pose any threat to the individual or society through their behaviour. The 12 steps model provides support encouragement and accountability for people who genuinely want to overcome their addiction.

The programe helps the addict patients to establish a belief in higher power and give love throughout the journey of recovery if they completely surrender before the God as we understand him.
A great emphesis in laid down upon their needs instead of their desires to lead a sober and serene life.

The 12 steps programe also provide help to find out our mistakes from our past and also get as ready to amend the same so that the guilts may be removed from our mind & soul.
The master tool of the 12 steps programe is sharing by which addict patients can get rid of their guilts which are like burdon upon their soul.

Serene Atmosphere

Jeevan sankalp ensures an environment different from stereo- type rehabs. We offers love care and concern theme for addict patients. The harrasment free environment is assured to be more comfortable and does not feel threatened to get rid-of their respective disease of alcoholisim and drug- addiction. that make us the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra and Rehabilitation Center in Dehradun. We are programe services since 2016 based upon programe called alcoholic anonymous for alcoholics and narcotics anonymous for drug-addicts also known as N.A/A.A as like the patients are living in gurukul like environment and leading to lead a better life through the spiritual principles of N.A/A.A as effort to change their behaviors. We make them understand their responsibilities towards their families and society.

Jeevan sankalp consider addicts as sick-patients and we are not judgemental about their addiction and further make sure that they feel supported and are not isolated.

Nasha mukti Kendra in Dehradun

Panel of Doctors General physician

  • DR. Balbir Singh Aswal MBBS

    Gen. Physician.
    Ex chief medical officer
    Tehri Ex deputy CMO Uttarkashi.

The Gen Physician helps the addict patients resolve ambivalence or denial by routine examination. The physician can have a powerful influence for geeting the patient to accent the treatment and can help a substance abusing patient return to normal and productive functioning in family and society

  • Dr. Sanjibani Panigrahi MBBS, MD (Neuro psychiatry)


Neuropsychiatrist observe patients and give treatment based on physical and mental health intervention which helps the addict patient to improve their mental health. Neurological chemical imbalance which is the main cause of negative behaviour,negative thinking and hallucination. Neuropsychiatrist has a major role to play in de-addiction. Addiction psychiatry in medical subspeciality that focus on the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of people who are suffering from substance addiction. Drug addiction is a disease that affects a person brain and behaviour and leads to an inability to control the use of legal or illegal drug or medication. Substance such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine are commonly used drug including opium based drugs.

  • Dr. Sanjana Nautiyal


Pathologist plays a crucial role in medical care of an drug addict and alcoholic as they help the patients physician make or confirm a diagnosis by studing tissues or fluid sampels. Pathologist used to indicate a state of disease in case of both physical aliment and psychological condition.

  • Sh.Valerian D Sequra


Counsellors are an important part of addiction therapy. Counsellor is qualified mental health professional who specialize in helping people/drug addict and alcoholics overcome alcohol, substance drug and behavioural addiction through talk therapy. Counsellor is responsible for developing treatment and recovery by facilitate individual and group therapy sessions. Counsellor collaborates with psychiatrist doctors, nurses, social workers and department of correction.

  • Miss pinki

    one on one specialist

Individual counselling is a treatment intervention based on one-on-one conversation with trained therapist. It is based upon the theory of privacy and confidentiality, focused upon addicts/alcoholics specific issues. The very purpose of individual dual counselling is one-on-one talk and focus on allowing one to dig deeper and progress faster

  • Ward boy


Building trust with patients and ward boy co-ordinates between patients & doctors as he is the person who is all mostly the time available to patients for emotional communication. Patience is a skill and gaining patients trust is a skill. Responsible for safety & cleanliness during medication

  • Yoga

Yoga is increasingly used in substance abuse treatment programs throughout the world. Yoga is used to reduce withdraws symptoms and drug craving. Yoga also help throughout recovery to prevent relapse. It maintain the physical health & mental health endurance, concentration and malce, therefore feel more concentrated about their health.

  • Pathologist

Pathologist plays an important role in medical care of an addict patient. Pathologist are some time called "the doctor's doctor" as they help the patients physician make or confirm a diagnosis by studying tissue and fluid sample. Pathologist used to indicate a state of disease in case of both physical ailment and psychological condition.

About Our Program

The 12 steps program is an international fellowship of people who had a drinking or drug problem. It is non-professional, self supporting, multicultural a non political and available throughout the world. A tool manage a person who pose any threat to the individual or society through their behaviours. Psychoactive drugs are substances that alter mental function when consumed can cause changes in mood awareness thoughts, feelings or behaviour. 12 steps programs mutual aid organization for the purpose of recovery from substance addiction. 12 steps model provides support, encouragement and accountability for people who genuinely want to over come their addiction. If your alcohol addiction/ D.A is geeting in the way of your life and relationships it's time to seek help. Alcohol or drug abuse is often considered a bad habit, but it is a serious mental health condition. Make sure that person in comfortable and does not feel threatened. Make sure they feel supported and not also hated. Help someone Join our Rehabilitation and fight Drug and Alcohol .

Our Facilities

  • 24×7 Patient Pickup facility

  • 24×7 hour Electricity

  • Hot & cold drinking water facility

  • Yoga classes

  • Projector classes

  • General Physician (Dr.Balbeer Singh Aswal) (Ex-CMO)

  • Outside specialist doctor arrangement

  • Pathologist services (Dr.Sanjana Nautiyal)

  • Neuro psychiatrist treatment (Dr.Sanjibani Panigrahi)

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