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Drug De-Addicition Counselling & Rehabilitation Centre

Jeevan Sankalp De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre is started to rehabilitate the alcoholics and addicts from their drug and alcohol using lifestyle to a healthy and sober lifestyle .The owner was once a full blown addict and got sober by 12 steps treatment program and then he left his job as a software engineer and dedicated his life for all the drug addicts and alcoholics so that he can make efforts to change their life.

Jeevan Sankalp De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre have a good facility for patients including bed facility ,good hygiene food and environment with the best team of doctors ,counsellors and psychologists and experienced staff. Many well named social activists like President award winning for saving numerous life from addiction Dr. Mukul Sharma is associated with our organization. Only An former addict can understand the emotions, feelings ,thinking and pain of an using addict so here our organization comes.

We are working since 2016 as an rehab centre in dehradun and saved many lives from addiction till date now. We work by changing and breaking the negative thinking and behaviour patterns of patients in a healthy and positive environment and thus leading patient a happy ,healthy and sober clean life. Jeevan Sankalp De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre is strictly against the mental and physical harassment of patients and believe that they are physically and mentally ill and they can recover by love care concern and through psycological and spiritual awakening.


Shivang Bist - Founder
Himanshu Khatri- Co-Founder

The Organizaion started since 2016

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Sanjana Nautiyal

    Pathalogy head of organization, who also run aleading NABL pathalogy in dehradun.


  • Dr. Mukul Sharma

    He is a well known Psychologist & awarded by President for their contribution in saving numerous life from addiction.


  • Dr. Balbir Singh Aswal

    He is a General MBBS Physician & Ex CMO of Tehri Uttarakhand & they take care of patients health in Rehab.

    Physician & Ex CMO

  • Dr. Nitin Dangwal

    He is a young and dedicated Doctor and is associated with the organization.

  • Dr. Sanjibani Panigrahi

    Neuro psychiatrist treatment.

  • Valerian Dsuja

    He is a NLP Specialist & Life Coach counsellor

    NLP Specialist & Life Coach

01. 12 Steps Psycological Programe

12 steps treatment program works by changing the addicts behaviour and their negative thinking hence breaking their old wrong beliefs and making them aware of their present by psycologicals sessions and love,care and concern.

02. Alcoholics / Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics and Narcotics anonymous program is a support group in which we take care of the patients anonymity and by this program several addicts are away from their alcohol and choice of drug all over the world. Meetings are held everyday in rehab by recovering addicts to give the patients hope that they can too recover.

03. Friendly Environment & Harrasment Free

Our organization give a friendly environment for the addicts as we believe that alcoholics and addicts are not bad people only their addiction is bad and they are sick people who can recover.By activities like indoor and outdoor games ,antakshari sessions,dance sessions we try to help them to overcome their past and feel the happiness in the present.

04. Spritual Principles

Its not a religious based program but a spiritual program in which spiritual principles like honesty with self, humbleness, acceptence, willingness, open mind are applied on patients through yoga, meditation and counselling classes through out the treatment period.

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